Wednesday, October 10, 2018

My Best Day As Mom

If you are a mom, like me, I am sure you have difficult days. However, somewhere beyond the horizon, there are the occasional great days where you fall asleep with a smile on your face. Then there are the incredible days when you feel so accomplished, you've checked off everything from your to-do list, you've completed homework with time for fun and you've made dinner with dessert. Although rare, best days are indeed possible with a little planning!

Here are 5 Ways I have learnt to make every day the Best Day Ever as a Mom:
  1. Planning - I can not stress the importance of planning enough. Not only does it decreases the amount of time spent in chaos, but it also eliminates the chances of random things happening and throwing your entire day off. Typically, I pack my daughter's backpack and lunch bag the night before ensuring that in the event we wake up late the following morning, there isn't much to do. Along with packing bags, if I am not able to get my daughter's hair braided on the weekend, I try to have this done at night as well. Which brings me to my next point.
  2. Get Help - I remember when I found out that I was pregnant, everyone said I needed to learn how to braid hair ( this along with many other things I NEEDED to learn). Then I said to myself, why stress myself doing everything, when there are people who are skilled to perform these functions. Braid hair, I call the hair braider. Clean the house, I call the housekeeper. I have come to the realization that I do not need to do everything and sometimes it is okay to hire the help you need to alleviate the burden.
  3. Stop and Enjoy the Moments- There was a time when I would be with my daughter on an outing distracted by sending emails or answering work phone calls. It got so bad that she would ask me a question and in my distraction I just answered whatever I thought "fit". One day my daughter called me out on my actions saying "mommy, stop pretending that you are listening to me because what you are saying makes no sense". It was in that moment that I promised myself to stop and enjoy every moment when with family, especially with my daughter.

    Work It Baby Work It
  4. Dance Always! - Even in completing the above, good days are not guaranteed. For me, the difficulty of knowing that I have planned and done my best and the day still ends crappy is pretty daunting. However, I have learnt that sometimes it is better to let go. Perfection is never the goal of life and it certainly isn't the goal of motherhood. Understanding that things won't always go your way is key. Dance. Let your hair down and be proud of what you have accomplished!
  5. Remember that no matter your effort, there is a pair of eyes looking up at you thinking that you are the greatest mom ever and could never be more proud! Nothing gets me like when my daughter tells me that she loves me, for no reason at all; but there is a special fuzzy feeling when my daughter prays and tells God "thank you for giving me the best mom ever". No amount of preparation or planning can prepare me for those moments and its then that I am reminded that my best is more than enough!

Until Next Time Mama Bees,