Sunday, September 23, 2018

Birthing Something New

I have started a blog before, for those of you who followed me in the past, I am sure you remember Anni's Bubble. That blog for me was an outlet. As a new mom, I was faced with the challenge and responsibility of taking care of a human which I knew nothing of. Anni's Bubble allowed me to connect with so many women and mothers around the world and I felt like there was a true sense of community, despite the distance. Side Bar: One of those women started her blog around the same time as I did (but actually remained consistent) and today she is one of New Orleans top bloggers and interior designers; shout out Whitney Jones!

Whitney Jones
Back to why we are here :). Blogging has evolved so much over the last five years but the original purpose of connecting and creating a platform of community is still there. This is the exact reason why I decided to get back on the horse. As a mother, grad student, employee and side hustler extraordinaire life is a roller coaster and that's on the good days. This blog will be my voice to express myself in these various roles and share my passion with a community of like-minded women who can engage, encourage and inspire. 

Kee The Mama Bee

My biggest mistake in life thus far is thinking that motherhood was something that restricted me from doing amazing things. It is time to change the narrative and make motherhood work because it is possible to have a great life as a mom, girl boss and all around super woman!! 

Until Next Time Mama Bees,

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