Sunday, January 20, 2019

Mom Crush Monday Feature: Jasmine Chanelle

Jasmine Chanelle
The J. Chanelle Group, LLC

I met Jasmine online about a year ago as I was searching for fellow marketing and pr professionals. Her page stood out to me because beyond her role as a brand strategist, her page really captured her love for her son and family. If you scroll through her page you get a snapshot of what she values most and that includes, branding, motherhood, wife life and creating a successful life, in no particular order. About nine months ago she revealed that she was expecting and I got so excited! I was also a little nervous because I thought, how will she continue to do these great things now with baby number two. Nine months later and she is still posting daily, hosting classes, taking on new clients and being an overall kick-ass mom!

How she does it? 

Jasmine spent some time answering a few questions from me on balancing life as mom and entrepreneur:

What is your career? Is this something that conflicts with your role as mom/ becoming a mom? I am the Principal Brand Strategist and owner of The J. Chanelle Group, LLC. This hasn’t conflicted with my role as a mom because I am able to control my own schedule as a full time entrepreneur.

On average, what amount of time do you spend weekly at work/ pursuing your career? 
I spend 40+ hours a week building my business

On Work Life Balance

You seem to have mastered the phrase "work-life balance" Tell us the secret! 

I think we have to focus on work life harmony and not work life balance. Something is always going to fall through the cracks you just have to decide each day which thing is more important.Becoming a mom helped me learn to set healthy boundaries. In the past I would say yes to a lot of things even if they caused inconveniences to me. Now as a mom I have to use my time more wisely which means saying “no” to things that don’t benefit me or my family. Setting boundaries has really allowed me to have more peace and manage my time better.

Let’s face it, while we all love our little ones, there are times when we as women simply need our own space/ time. Do you ever feel guilty as a mom taking a “mommy break”?
No I don’t feel guilty when taking a break, and I am very intentional with my self care time. I know that the best mommy is a happy and sane one so I indulge in self care so that I can be rejuvenated and calm when it’s time to go back to mom and wife mode.

If there was one thing that hasn’t been invented as yet that can make your job as a mother easier what would it be?

That’s a really good question, I’m not sure what would make motherhood easier other than a second set of arms and another brain lol

Husbae or Baby? Which comes first

Which comes first: husbae or baby? 

That’s a hard one! As a newlywed I’m learning that marriage comes first because we both have to be great partners in order to be good parents but this is something I’ve learned and am still practicing over time.

What advice would you give moms who feel overwhelmed with life balance and not being their “best self”? 
Enjoy the moment! Kids grow fast and those early years are the most formative. Also I would advise new moms to give themselves grace. Motherhood is a life-long journey and you will make mistakes, learn along the way and trust your instincts. I believe that indulging in self-care is super important to balance, how often to you indulge in self-care and what does self-care mean to you?
I indulge in some form of self care every week, whether it’s a nail date or diving into a new book I take time once a week to treat myself to something that makes me feel relaxed or happy. Self care to me is finding ways to give back to yourself as much as you give to others.

Jasmine can be found on Instagram: @_jasminechanelle . Follow her for more #momboss inspiration!

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